Saturday, May 25, 2013

Through thick and thin

Dolce Vita Boots (old)

These Dolce Vita Ankle boots were my first pair of weekend boots. You know, the ones that go with almost everything, perfectly formed to your feet, and worn to almost every hangout with friends at some point in time. Through thick and thin you never let me down, but this past year has shown all the wear and tear I’ve put you through. Thanks for the memories, and allowing me to dance - comfortably. Thank you for adding just the right amount of edge to each of my outfits. One last encore.

After many months of searching for a replacement pair, it was bittersweet when I came across these French Connection boots. They caught my attention instantly. ClicktoEnlarge. You could tell how soft the leather was through the computer screen. A very suitable replacement. I imagined all the summer memories we would make together.

French Connection Boots
Who am I kidding? It was love at first sight. 


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